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80 Inch Monitor TV Screen by Sharp Electronics for Sale

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80 Inch Monitor TV Screen
80 Inch Monitor TV Screen by Sharp Electronics
(May Not Be Exactly as Shown)

The Sharp Aquos is a range of premium LCD television screen made by Sharp Corporation of Japan.  The AQUOS panel's advanced pixel structure provides a crystal clear picture and brilliant color in captivating detail.

Some Aquos LCD TVs are notable for displaying color in a RYGB color space known as Quattron, which adds a yellow component, as opposed to the standard RGB color space used by most color televisions.

Does your facility or particular event's needs require a smaller size screen/monitor?  Apex Sound & Light also has available for rental, various Sharp Aquos series TV monitors/screens in 40", 46", 52" and 60" sizes.

Information coming soon.

Particular Specification
Display Panel Type LCD
Aspect Ratio 16x9
Contrast Ratio 4,000,000 : 1
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1080

   All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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