BM4 Black Marble Floor

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ROE Visual

BM4 is an anti-scratch, noiseless, waterproof, wide-viewing angle, hi-density LED video display embedded in black marble flooring.  Well-balanced between contrast and uniformity.  Black Marble is specially designed for concert stages, TV studios, commercial stands, etc.

The black and anti-glare surface perfectly fits different high-end applications.  The mix-and-match modules will enhance the creative experience.

Black Marble is our specially designed solution for concert stages, TV studios, commercial stands, and a variety of other creativeapplications.  The smooth surface allows for high-end use, without fear of slipping or scratch, and the ability to mix and matchmodules allows for an enhanced creative experience.  By working directly with industry technicians, we have humanized the designto reduce assembly time and save cost on labor.

More Information
Manufacturer ROE Visual

Eye-Catching Black Marble Stairs

Black Marble and the ROE stair system combine to create a spectacular multi-level floor display that adds creative diversity to anystage.  The lightweight extended aluminum support system iseasy-to-build and allows for various levels and sizes up to 3-meters in height and limitless length.

Black Marble Video Wall

Black Marble LED panels can also be easilyhung or stacked using a specially-designedvideo wall.

Black Marble Triangle

Add more creative oomph to Black Marble LEDfloors with new triangle design option.Round LED video floor is configured withstandard BM4 and triangular tiles nicely borderedwith an easy-to-remove shading mask.

High-contrast and Matte Finishes

Black Marble's high-strength surface is anti-scratchand non-reflective.  Matte and high-contrast tiles offeran optimal balance between contrast and uniformity.

Hybrid Spotlight Design

Enhance your creative options by integrating theHybrid Black Mable panels in you Black Marble floor.Added spotlights guarantee dramatic effects.

Support Options

The Black Marble support options are easy and quickto install.  They leave room for maximum creativity,while guaranteeing a safe and sturdy floor support. 

Fast and Easy Set-up

Starting with the standard Black Marble supportframe, extra riser elements can be added.  Combiningthe riser elements, with the Black Marble LED panels,you can build stairs or multi-level stages, up to aheight of 3 meters.  The risers can easily be coupled toachieve any desired length, creating simple stairs aswell as stunning show elements.

Particular Specification
Pixel Pitch 4.72625mm
Pixel Density 44.058px/sqm
Pixels (H x V) 128 x 128 px/tile
LED Configuration White SMD 3-on1
Max Brightness

1,200nits (NationStar 1921)
2,000nits (NationStar 1921)
Grey Scale (Input to Output) 16 bit
Refresh Rate 1920 Hz
Scan 1/8
3D Ready No
Hoz.  Viewing Angle 140
Transparency Solid
Dimensions 609.6 x 609.6 x 130mm
24 x 24 x 5.1"
Weight 16kg
Frame Material Magnesium Alloy
Serviceability Front
Max.  Power 280 W/tile
Processor Brompton
IP Rating IP65
Certifications CE, ETL
Lifetime >50,000 hrs

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