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Radiance Hazer by Ultratec for Sale

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Radiance Hazer
Radiance Hazer by Ultratec
(May Not Be Exactly as Shown)

Ultratec's Radiance Haze Machine is the next major advancement in Water Based Haze Technology.  Once again, Ultratec is setting new standards that all other haze machines will be measured against.  Features include: Built-In DMX that controls both the Haze Output and the Internal Fan.  This combination offers excellent Haze Control and Even Dispersion.  The Radiance can also be operated by an optional Remote or by utilizing the on board variable settings.  Additional features include an IDC removable Power Cable and multiple use Bracket.  The Radiance uses the Luminous 7 Haze Fluid which is a proven fluid that offers the best in low consumption and great hang time.  It utilizes the various sizes of the Ultratec fluid containers.

  • 4-Port Rapid Clean Vaporizer
  • Built-In DMX
  • Variable Fan
  • Variable Haze Output
  • Stand Alone Operation
  • Optional Remote w/ Timer
  • Use 2L & 4L Jug
  • Enormous Output

Particular Specification
Dimensions (LxWxH) 41 x 33 x 18cm
16 x 13 x 7"
Net Weight 13kg
Heater Watts 500W
Rating 110V AC 50 / 60hz 5A
Regulatory Compliance This product has been certified by QPS/UL Standards Canada Inc.
Run Time Continuous
Reheat Time Eight (8) Min
Fluid Consumption 6.7cc/min (Full Output)
Technical Benchmark Spec. Continuous - 400cc/h
Competitive Comparison 10,000cfm

   All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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