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KSL12 Line Array Speaker by d&b audiotechnik for Rent

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KSL12 Line Array Speaker
KSL12 Line Array Speaker by d&b audiotechnik
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The KSL12 loudspeakers, with 120 degree horizontal dispersion respectively, are unique among similar sized line array modules in providing consistent pattern control down to the lowest frequencies. 

The geometry of two (2) front facing 10inch drivers and two side firing 8inch drivers couple and apply cardioid techniques, creating precise broadband directivity with significantly extended low frequency headroom towards the audience.  This low frequency extension and headroom is so effective that it negates the need for subwoofers flown behind or alongside the main hangs in many applications.  Midrange is delivered by a high sensitivity horn loaded with an 8inch driver, while two (2) innovative, custom designed 3inch voice coil HF drivers mounted on a wave shaping device provide the high frequency resolution and output.

  • Constant directivity behaviour over the entire operating range using cardioid techniques in the lower range
  • Exceptional broadband headroom
  • Patented SL-Series flying hardware and method enables rapid deployment of KSL8 and KSL12 arrays directly from the Touring cart in either compression or tension rigging modes
  • Requires only two amplifier channels; one channel drives the front facing 10" LF drivers, while the other amplifier channel drives the passively crossed over 8" side firing LF drivers, the 8" section and two HF drivers
  • ArrayProcessing optimizes the level and tonal balance over the complete audience listening area
  • For short arrays where ArrayProcessing is not required, two KSL loudspeakers can be linked and driven in the Arc / Line mode
  • Efficient cabling system and amplifier rack assemblies
  • Effective transport solutions

System data  
Frequency response (-5dB standard) 54Hz - 18kHz
Frequency response (-5dB CUT mode) 70Hz - 18kHz
Max.  sound pressure (1m, free field) 144dB
Cabinets per D80 (2-Way Active) 2
Cabinets per D80 (in Line or Arc mode) 4

Loudspeaker data  
Nominal impedance front LF 8Ω
Nominal impedance side LF/MF/HF 8Ω
Power handling capacity (RMS/peak 10ms) 450 / 1800W
Power handling capacity side LF/MF/HF (RMS/peak 10 ms) 250 / 1000W
Nominal dispersion angle (horizontal) 120°
Splay angle settings 0° - 10° (1° increment)
Components 2 x 10" front LF driver
2 x 8" side LF driver
1 x 8" MF driver
2 x 1.4" exit compression driver with 3" voice coil
Passive crossover network
Connections 2 x NLT4 F/M

Dimensions, weight  
Dimensions (H x W x D) 330 x 1000 x 597 mm
13 x 39.4 x 23.5"
Weight 58kg

   All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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