AX7 SpotLite

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60W RGBW (4 x 15W) CREE LEDs - 13° beam angle Battery powered PAR, Astera's working bull with a standard beam features 4 ultra-bright CREE LEDs and comes in a rugged, waterproof housing with a multifunctional bracket.  It can be controlled with infrared remote control, AsteraApp, CRMX and/or W-DMX.

More Information
Manufacturer Astera
  • Talkback+: Detect all available lights, set them up, check their status, configure DMX addresses and DMX profiles.
  • Seamless runtime: Set the length of your event and be sure that your lights won't run out while still getting the maximum brightness.
  • TruColour calibration: 100% colour consistency through any batch.  It can hit exact colour temperatures and reproduce standard filter gels.
  • Filming Tools: Adjustable PWM frequency to avoid flickering, green/purple balance to minimize post-production work.
  • Anti-theft: The lights give visual and audible alarm and send notification to the AsteraApp if they are being moved during an event.
  • DJ feature: Auto BPM analyzes the beat and matches programs to it, flash buttons can trigger special effects while being held down.
  • Scheduled stand-by: Switch lights into power-saving standby and schedule them to wake up when the event starts.
  • Dynamic power-boost: The dynamic power-boost feature enables the light to display the maximum brightness at all times and intensify non-white colors.
  • Emergency light: Switches automatically to white light and runs of its battery when AC power is cut off.

Particular Specification
Colours RGBW
Total LED power 60W
Luminous Flux 1675Lm
Emittance (@2m) 6250Lx
Strobe 0-25Hz
Beam Angle 13°
Pixels 1
Wireless Modules 865-870MHz
Range 300m
330 Yards
DMX Supports CRMX and W-DMX
Battery LG Chem Lithium-ion
Battery Lifetime 70% after 300 cycles
LED Lifetime 50.000 Hours
Charging time (nominal) 7 Hours
Input Voltage 90-264V 47-63Hz
Housing Aluminium
IP Rating IP65
Relative humidity 0-100%
Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Weight 6.1kg
Dimensions 279 x 296 x 253mm

Manual (2.94 MB)
Datasheet (396.96 kB)