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Since its foundation in 1983, MA Lighting has expanded to become an international leader for computer-controlled lighting consoles, networking components and digital dimming systems.  This success is based on solid reasons: With its commitment and power to innovate, MA Lighting meets the growing demands of a constantly changing industry and develops product solutions for tomorrow.  With integrated system solutions and the grandMA/grandMA2 product family, international standards were set.  These Award winning products offer convenience of use and excellent quality, meeting the highest demands of professional users worldwide.

With the convergence of video, LED, digital lighting and the associated media implementation in shows and set-designs, new fields of entertainment technologies have evolved.  The heart of such systems are the grandMA2 consoles with their scaleable and flexible control approach.  The innovative MA VPU (Video Processing Unit) follows the demands of lighting and visual designers and programmers to bridge the lighting and video worlds.  Designed as the perfect hardware expansion to the grandMA2 onPC software, the MA onPC command wing and MA onPC fader wing enable the look and feel of the software to be as close to a real grandMA2 console as possible.  Designed for small and mid-sized projects and installations, dot2 offers advanced functionality with outstanding ease-of-use.  Intuitive operation is the core of the dot2 philosophy.

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