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The 2018 Broadweigh Product Brochure is now available for download.

PDF - Mantracourt Electronics
2018 Broadweigh Product Brochure

BroadWeigh by Mantracourt Electronics is a world leader in high precision measurement electronics.  Since 1974, they have been supplying innovative solutions to a wide variety of industry sectors including the lifting and crane markets, construction and process weighing.

BroadWeigh is one of the few wireless products on the market that incorporates a high accuracy load pin with zero (0) trim loss designed for simple, effective and accurate dynamic wireless load monitoring.  The system is fast, simple to use (set up in minutes) and is expandable for individual requirements, merely by purchasing additional shackles.  BroadWeigh is designed to assist rigging and technical professionals.  The system provides static and dynamic peak load data in real-time to help ensure that no point is overloaded.  Incorporating the market leading Crosby shackle and a high accuracy load-pin with a unique small head height design.  The system provides up to eight-hundred (800) metre wireless range.

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